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28th October 2006 - Kasabian with the BBC Concert Orchestra

Guillemots machen den Anfang für Kasabian, die danach mit einer unglaublichen Performance absolut Geschichte geschrieben haben. Nicht zuletzt durch die geniale akustische Unterstützung des BBC Concert Orchestra...

Click here to watch the full set online: Guillemots (29 Oct - 04 Nov)
Click here to watch the full set online:
Kasabian (29 Oct - 04 Nov)


BBC Concert Orchestra

Guillemots II

Piano Pig

Freaky Pig

Guillemots Setlist:
Little Bear
She's Evil
Rising Tide
Bad Boyfriend
By The Water
Trains To Brazil
Sao Paolo


Tom Meighan

Kasabian II

Kasabian III

Kasabian IV

Union Jack


"'s hard to know who's loving it more - the crowd or the band. "It's been f****n' monumental!" declares lead singer Tom Meighan as the band have a group hug and depart. The entire crowd continue to sing the final track's chorus as they pile out of the building and into the Camden night."

Kasabian Setlist:
Shoot The Runner
Reason Is Treason
Interlude by BBC Concert Orchestra
Me and One
By My Side
Last Trip
Processed Beats
The Doberman
Interlude by BBC Concert Orchestra
Club Foot

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