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21st September 06 - House Hunter

Nach zahlreichen Emails habe ich nun eine Wohnung gefunden, die nicht ganz ausserhalb (naja Zone3), vernünftig möbeliert ist und selbstverständlich meinen finanziellen Vorstellungen entspricht. -Naja für Londoner Verhältnisse zumindest- Ich werde sie mir am Tag meiner Ankunft nochmal anschaun' und dann definitiv entscheiden, ob ich sie nehme. Solange wird mir ein Hostel seine Dienste zur Verfügung stellen müssen... Vielleicht wieder der Generator!?


Let me say something about the house and the room(s).



The house is a typical, small 'Victorian' house. On the ground floor there is a small living room, one room (occupied), kitchen with exit into the garden. First floor: bathroom, WC, two more rooms (both of which will be free soon): one room is a double room i.e. suitable for 2 people while the other room is a single room. The price for each room is different (see 'Prices' below). The garden, bathroom, WC, living room and kitchen are shared. The house is equipped with the usual modern conveniences: TV, radio, oven, cooker, washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Pictures of house:



Both rooms on the first floor are furnished and have a wooden floor.

Pictures of single room on first floor (GBP 303 per month):

Pictures of double room on first floor (GBP 368 per month when occupied by a single person):



Location and distances: The house is situated in a quiet area. It is within

5 minutes' walking distance of Plaistow Underground station i.e. the

beginning of zone 3 on the District line. It takes about 25 minutes to get

to the centre of London.



Single room: 70 pounds / week (= 303 pounds per month)

Double room: 85 pounds / week (= 368 pounds per month) when occupied by a

single person

Other costs: electricity and gas bills are shared i.e. divided by 3. On

average, this amounts to 5 pounds per week.



You are welcome to visit when you arrive in London. The easiest way to do

this is to contact me when you arrive in London or to call Carolyn on +44

208 531**** (early evenings is best time to call) as it is she who will

show you the house and room.


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