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8th October 06 - North vs. South


The North London vs. South London divide exists. Really, it does: it is a marketing tool. It is a dangling carrot. It is the latest way to get Londoners running in this year's Nike 10km Run London event. Last year, Londonist was encouraged to join for far more individual and introspective reasons but this year, we're doing it to settle, once and for all which side of the river is the better London.
While last year the Nike 10km Run London event was all about, well, running the whole of London by holding simultaneous running events in Victoria Park, Hyde Park and Battersea Park, this year all the running will take place in Hyde Park, on Sunday 8 October. Those who sign up and get the official Nike 10km Run London chip for their shoes will be asked to join either the North or South London "teams" and on the day, will run in staggered (and possibly staggering) groups against one another.

The side that records the overall best time (from the collected times of all the individual runners in each team) will be declared the winner. And we will finally be able to move on from the endless debates about North London vs. South London and start a new fight in the pub about East london vs. West London...

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22nd September 06 - The Great Gorilla Race

The Great Gorilla Race

No you’re not seeing things! If you’re in the City of London this Sunday the chances are you’re going to spot several hundred gorillas running through the streets.

This annual fun run raises money for the 700 remaining mountain gorillas in the world and celebrities such as Daryl Hannah and Massive Attack are already signed up.

The Race

Starting and finishing at the London Underwriting Centre, just off Mincing Lane, the race is 7km long over a fairly flat course and passes some of London’s most famous landmarks, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern.

There is a non-refundable joining fee of £100 for all entrants and runners are requested to raise a minimum of £400 by the end of November. However, you do get to keep your gorilla suit, so you need never worry about what to wear to a fancy dress party again!



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